The Cube Candlesticks

The Cube Candlesticks

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2012, Aluminum
Height 42 cm., Limited edition,
Signed and numbered by the Artist

The tradition of candle lighting on the Eve of the Sabbath is both functional
and spiritual. The rabbis teach us that the Sabbath lights not only help to guide one through the dark but also enhance the spirituality of the Sabbath. The Torah is likened to light;

“A home without light is considered a home without Torah.”

One is required to light candles in the house for the sake of shalom bayit (harmony in the home) The candles ought to be in the room where the Sabbath meal is to be eaten. As a ceremonial object or art, the candle is generally overlooked, yet it has great significance. Fire is universally recognized as one of the basic elements of the world. The shape of the cube is celebratory of the foundation of the earth. The Cube a building stone symbolizing our material interactions. The candle flame symbolizing our spirituality. The Cube candlesticks is the bridge that harmonize between the two
worlds. The Cube candlestick can open from a pair of candles to a family candelabra. Each work is signed and numbered by the artist and is available in a limited edition.