Tallit Bag

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2015, Leather
Height 35 cm.
Length 37 cm.

To have high-quality Tefillin and beautiful Tallit and bag is to do Hiddur Mitzvah.
Meaning - to glorify a commandment. This idea comes from the verse "This is my
God and I will glorify Him"
זֶה אֵלִי וְאַנְוֵהוּ." " (Exodus 15;2)
Michael Kupietzky created a luxurious and extremely comfortable, elegant
leather bag.
The tallit bag has three zippers. Each zipper is monogrammed with the name of
its designated purpose. One compartment for the tallit that has enough space
for tallit and siddur with a built-in mirror. The other two compartments, one for
Rosh and one for the Yad. An adjustable strap completes the composition.
The Tefillin bag has two zippers one compartment for the Rosh and an attached
mirror and the other side for the Yad with room for a siddur.